Carboxyl activated SepFast MAG

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Carboxyl-activated SepFast MAG is used to make magnetic chromatography adsorbents.

The base matrix is activated by attaching a long 10 atom hydrophilic chain with a carboxyl group at the end. This reacts with amine containing ligands in the presence of carbodiimide agent to form a chemically stable amide linkage. The coupling chemistry is a successful and well-documented technique.

Carboxyl-activated SepFast MAG 4 High Flow (4HF) is made of highly cross-linked 4% agarose with magnetic properties.
Agarose has long been used for chromatographic separations due to its excellent hydrophilic and low non-specific-binding nature. The particles have an open pore structure with excellent mass transfer properties to large protein molecules.

The pre-activated base matrix can be readily employed to make various magnetic chromatography adsorbents for a variety of purification applications. After binding of target molecules, the magnetic resin can be readily isolated from the biological feedstocks with the aid of a magnet.

Coupling manual is supplied with each product.

Characteristics of Carboxyl-activated SepFast MAG 4HF

Group to be coupled -NH2
Coupling conditions pH 4.5 – 7.5, 4oC to 30oC, 3-16 h, organic solvents possible
Matrix Highly cross-linked 4% magnetic agarose
Particle size* 50 – 150 μm
Activation level 8-19 μmol Carboxyl / ml medium 
pH stability 4-13 (ligand dependent)
Chemical stability Stable to all commonly used aqueous chemicals, provided the ligand to be coupled can withstand
Storage 4oC – 8oC

*Other particle size available on request.

Ordering information

Product Quantity Code no. Price GBP
Carboxyl-activated SepFast MAG 4HF 5 ml 380201-5ML 75.41
  50 ml 380201-50ML POR
  1 Litre 380201-1L POR

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Operation Manual

Operation Manual