Hydrazide-activated SepFast MAG

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The base matrix is activated with hydrazide through a long hydrophilic spacer arm. Hydrazide activated SepFast MAG is a magnetic agarose resin that is particularly useful for making glycoprotein-attached magnetic adsorbents.

Hydrazide-activated agarose permits the coupling of aldehyde- or ketone containing ligands through the formation of stable hydrazone linkages. It is a particularly powerful way to immobilize glycoproteins via their carbohydrate chains while leaving their critical active sites intact. It is a method so called “site-directed immobilization”. For example, antibodies can be immobilized to an agarose solid support through a linkage to their glycosylated side chain, while leaving their Fab regions free for antigen binding.

Glycoproteins can be readily oxidized with sodium periodate to generate formyl groups on their carbohydrate chains before the coupling reaction with Hydrazide-activated SepFast MAG. It is a successful and well-documented technique. The coupling reaction is mild and easy to carry out. No toxic chemicals or special equipment is required.

Hydrazide activated SepFast MAG 4HF is made of highly cross-linked 4% agarose containing magnetic material. It shows high mechanical rigidity and high chemical stability for harsher operational conditions.

Agarose has long been used for chromatographic separations due to its excellent hydrophilic and low non-specific-binding nature. The particle has open pore structure with excellent mass transfer property to large protein molecules.

Hydrazide-activated SepFast MAG resins can be readily employed to make custom affinity chromatography media for a variety of purification applications. After binding of target molecules, the magnetic resin can be readily isolated from the biological feedstocks with the aid of a magnet.

Coupling manual is supplied with each product.

Characteristics of Hydrazide-activated SepFast MAG 4HF

Group to be coupled -HC=O (aldehyde), -C=O (ketone)
Coupling conditions pH 6 - 10, 4oC to 30oC, 2-16 h, organic solvents possible
Matrix SepFast MAG 4HF: highly cross-linked 4% magnetic agarose
Particle size* 50 – 150 μm
Coupling level >2 mg hIgG / ml medium
pH stability  4 -13 (ligand dependent)
Chemical stability Stable to all commonly used aqueous chemicals, provided the ligand to be coupled can withstand
Storage 4oC – 8oC

*Other particle size available on request.

Ordering information

Product Quantity Code no. Price GBP
Hydrazide-activated SepFast MAG 4HF 5 ml 360201-5ML 94.82
  50 ml 360201-50ML POR
  1 Litre 360201-1L POR

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Operation Manual

Operation Manual