Packing of Disposable Chromatography Column

For predictable screening and scaling-up of a chromatography purification step, reliable and reproducible column packing is very critical. We have extensive experience in handling a broad range of chromatography media, from soft to rigid, from small particles to large particles, from light particles to dense particles and from polymer-based particles to inorganic-based particles. The resin can be of any type you choose.

We can pack high performance and robust disposable chromatography columns from small to large (e.g. 1μl to 10 litres), for cGMP or non-cGMP applications, using our proprietary column design. The bed height can be anywhere between 0 cm and 60 cm.

Our range of chromatography columns has the following key features and advantages:

  • Fully scalable column design for bioprocessing applications
  • Low cost
  • Resin compressibility taken into account
  • Minimum dead volume for high resolution applications
  • Proven flow distribution mechanism
  • Disposable
  • Tight packing of any type of chromatography media (>20 m)
  • Features standard connections, which are compatible with most common chromatography instruments such as AKTA etc.
  • Easy to store
  • Long life time

For each packed column we will test HETP, Peak Asymmetry and Flow Properties (if required). For cGMP grade columns, in addition to the above tests, we will also test Endotoxin and Bioburden levels.

We can pack a column according to your protocol or develop the best predictable packing process for you. According to your special applications, we can also tailor our column design to suit your needs.

The available column sizes and their characteristics can be seen in the tables below.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements in details.

We offer the following packing services for medium to high throughput purification applications:

Product Type Packed Volume Materials of Construction Operational Pressure Chemical Compatibility
well filter plate
1 μl to 500 μl Polypropylene & PVDF N/A
All products are compatible with most commonly used aqueous buffers.

For special chemical or certain organic solvent compatibility please contact us.
Spin column 20 μl to 500 μl Polypropylene N/A
1 ml column 1 ml Polypropylene 3 bar
5 ml column 5 ml Polypropylene & acrylic 3 bar

We offer the following packing services for process development and manufacture applications:

Column Inner Diameter Packed Volume (per cm of bed height) Materials of Construction and Operational Pressure Suitable for cGMP use? Testing Documentation
7 mm 0.3 ml Standard: Polypropylene end plunger & acrylic column body
Optional: Glass column body

Standard: 6 bar Optional: 20 bar
No* Each column will come with the results certificate for the following tests:
>>Peak Asymmetry
>>Flow Properties (if required)
11 mm 0.95 ml No*
16 mm 2 ml No*
26 mm 5.3 ml   Yes on request  
50 mm 19.6 ml All wetted materials are of USP class VI grade and/or FDA CFR 177 grade.

Standard: 3 bar
Yes For cGMP grade applications, each column will be packed inside a clean room and sanitised. Besides the above tests, the endotoxin and bioburden levels will be tested.
80 mm 50 ml Yes
100 mm 78 ml Yes
129 mm 130 ml Yes
258 mm 522 ml Yes


Chemical compatibility: All products are compatible with most commonly used aqueous buffers. For special chemical or certain organic solvent compatibility please contact us.

 *We could make customised columns of these diameters for cGMP use, please contact us for more information.

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