0.33 ml, 0.67 ml and 1 ml Column

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The inner column diameter is 6.2 mm. The working volume has a choice of 1 ml, 0.67 ml or 0.33 ml.

The current pre-packed columns in the market have poor scalability and poor mechanical strength. Due to the wall-support effect and varied rigidities of individual chromatography resins, the particles have to be correctly packed and compressed even after the settling down under flow packing. It will then form a tightly packed bed with predictable chromatographic performance relatable to the scaling-up columns.

BioToolomics range of disposable chromatography columns has all the functionalities of a small re-usable column but possesses many other advantages: resin compressibility taken into account, disposable, easy to pack, tight packing of any type of chromatography media (>20 m), identical design to the scale-up columns, robust, precise and reproducible packing, allowing moderate back pressure, easy to store, long life time.

After the chosen resin is packed in the column, the column can be readily stored and re-used for many times.

The column parts are made of polypropylene which shows excellent chemical resistance to most of the commonly used reagents. It has the standard connection compatible to the common chromatography instruments (such as AKTA).

The recommended operational pressure is up to 6 bar, as most of the process chromatography media allows an operational pressure less than 3 bar.

Ordering information

Ordering information
Product Quantity Code no. Price GBP
SepFast column – 1 ml 1 unit* 240101 17.93
SepFast column – 0.67 ml 1 unit* 240102 19.61
SepFast column – 0.33 ml 1 unit* 240103 21.43
Stop Plug 10 / pack 240104 45.11
10.32 male thread / female luer connector 5 / pack 240105 45.11

*The minimum order is 5 columns. For storage of the packed columns, Stop Plugs need be ordered in separate. If large quantity is required, please contact us for further information. BioToolomics also provides service to pack customers’ media of their choice.

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Operation Manual

Operation Manual