SepFastTM MM AH-1

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SepFast MM AH-1 is a mixed mode chromatography medium that is supplied in a ready-to-use disposable format. The ligand contains a combination of anionic and hydrophobic groups. The product shows good binding capacity to molecules rich in hydrophobic zones.

The base matrix is made of cross-linked porous polysaccharide. The particle has open pore structure with good mass transfer property. The particle size is 50 - 150m. The medium is compatible with most of the chemical reagents commonly used in biological systems.

The medium is stored in 20% industrial ethanol at 4-30oC. Before a chromatography run, equilibrate the column with working buffer until the effluent shows stable conductivity and pH value.

The operating pressure is 4 bar or less.

SepFast MM AH-1 can be used for the capturing of proteins in a binding-elution mode. It can also be used in a flow-through mode to remove the impurities. We recommend scouting for the optimal binding, washing and elution conditions such as pH and conductivity.

Ordering information

Ordering information
Product Quantity* Code no. Price GBP
SepFast MM AH-1, 0.01 ml 50 SuperSpin Micro columns 270101 POR
SepFast MM AH-1, 1 ml 5 columns 270102 108.05
SepFast MM AH-1, 5 ml 5 columns 270103 439.90

*Other volume sizes are available on request.

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SepFast MM AH-1

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