Pre-packed Ni SepFastTM

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Ni SepFast resin is packed into our robust and durable chromatography columns for convenient use. The column ends have 1/16" fittings that are compatible with common chromatography systems (such as AKTA). The column body is robust enough for use in moderate pressure operations. The column has been well designed to minimise the dead volume and gives an excellent flow distribution across the bed.
The 1 ml column is made of polypropylene. The column body for the 5 ml column is made of acrylic, which gives a clear view of the packed resin.

Key benefits:

  • Low cost
  • High protein binding capacity with high purity
  • Ready to use
  • Robust and durable for re-use or longer storage
  • Full operational manual supplied

We can also pack other type of chromatography resins that you choose into our columns with a reduced cost. Larger column sizes are also available. See our Column Packing Service for more information.

For large quantities of columns, please contact us directly and we will offer a very good price structure to satisfy your applications.

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Characteristics of Pre-packed Ni SepFast Columns

Product characteristics
Column material Polypropylene / acrylic
Medium Ni SepFast
Operating pressure 4 bar or less
Packed volume 1 ml, 5 ml
Protein binding capacity Depends on the type of proteins and binding conditions;
up to 40 mg/ml*
Chemical compatibility Stable in the commonly used buffers and denaturing reagents, avoid chelating reagents e.g. EDTA, EGTA and citrate
Storage condition 4oC – 30oC

*Tested with nickel ion charged

Ordering information

Ordering information
Product Quantity Code no. Price GBP
Pre-packed Ni SepFast Column 1 x 1 ml 180201-1x1ML 32.41
Pre-packed Ni SepFast Column 1 x 5 ml 180201-1x5ML 94.49
Ordering information
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How to order

Pre-packed Ni SepFast Columns

Operation Manual

Operation Manual