Magnetic IMAC resins

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Magnetic IMAC (immobilised metal affinity chromatography) resin is typically useful in purifying small quantity low concentration histidine-tagged proteins. For example, when 10 – 50 l of resin is required for protein purification, it is difficult to handle such small quantities in columns. Magnetic IMAC resins can be easily processed with the aid of a magnet. The liquid / solid separation required in each purification step (e.g. equilibration, binding, washing and elution) is readily achieved with the aid of a magnet (e.g. magnetic stirring bar or other commercial magnetic devices).

Key benefits:

  • Tailored base matrix design for batch magnetic purification of proteins
  • High binding capacity (could be over 40 mg/ml)
  • Simple and convenient operation, no chromatography training required
  • Flexible operational conditions
  • Low cost
  • A choice of three types of immobilised metal ions available
  • Very low metal leakage
  • Full operation manual (including purification conditions) supplied

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Product Characteristics

Product characteristics
Particle size 50 – 150 m
Base matrix Cross-linked 6% agarose encapsulating magnetic particles
Metal ion capacity Approx. 12 - 25 mol / ml resin
Protein binding capacity Depends on the type of proteins and binding conditions;
could be over 40 mg/ml resin*
Chemical stability** Stable in
0.01M HCl and 1% SDS tested for 30 mins;
0.5 M NaOH tested for overnight;
pH stability** 2-14 (<2 h)
4-12 (up to one week)
Storage 20% ethanol at 4oC

*Tested with nickel ion charged; **Tested with the absence of metal ion

Ordering information

Ordering information
Product Quantity Code no. Price GBP
Ni SepFast MAG 5 ml 190101 97.90
Co SepFast MAG 5 ml 190103 97.90
Zn SepFast MAG 5 ml 190104 97.90

Note: No magnet is supplied with the above products. Customers need to source the magnet themselves.

Ordering information
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Ready-to-use His Buffer Kit 2*50ml stock phosphate buffer and 50ml stock imidazole solution 200105 61.64

How to order

Ni SepFast MAG: Purification of a 6 x His tagged hydrolase from unclarified E.coli. cell lysate in a batch operation

Lane 1: Molecular marker;
Lane 2: Unclarified cell lysate;
Lane 3: Cell lysate pass through;
Lane 4: Wash with binding buffer (20 mM phosphate, 20 mM imidazole and 500 mM NaCl, pH 7.4);
Lane 5: Wash with 50 mM imidazole in the binding buffer;
Lane 6 and 7: Eluates at 500 mM imidazole in the binding buffer, pH 7.4.

Ni SepFast MAG

Operation Manual

Operation Manual