Magnetic SepFastTM Supor Q, DEAE, S, CM

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Magnetic SepFast™ Supor Q (DEAE, S, CM) is a group of special ion-exchange media with magnetic property. The working medium possesses a combination of small pores (50-100nm) and large pores (micro level). It shows fast accessibility to both small and large molecules (e.g. plasmid and virus). Therefore, it has comparable binding capacity to those of membrane or monolith product in respect of DNA or virus. However, Magnetic SepFast™ Supor media shows much higher binding capacity to protein molecules than the membrane or monolith type of products.

The base matrix is made of a composite of magnetic polysaccharides that have been well cross-linked. The media is stable to most of the chemical conditions experienced in the bioprocessing industry. The magnetic Supor media is particularly useful in the high-through-put screening of phage libraries or high-through-put purification of viruses or VLPs etc.

Ordering information

Ordering information
Product Quantity* Code no. Price GBP
Magnetic SepFastTM Supor Q 5ml 260201-5ML 105.84
Magnetic SepFastTM Supor DEAE 5ml 260202-5ML 105.84
Magnetic SepFastTM Supor S 5ml 260203-5ML 105.84
Magnetic SepFastTM Supor CM 5ml 260204-5ML 105.84

*Other volume sizes are available on request.

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