Antibody Purification

BioToolomics offers standard media, as direct replacements for widely used current media and advanced chromatography media based on NCAP technology for next generation purification processes.

BioToolomics offers both loose resins and pre-packed columns over a wide range of sizes from preparative to large manufacturing scale (packed for GMP compliance).

Standard Antibody Purification Solutions

>>> Affinity Media

Protein A affinity is the current standard for large scale and preparative antibody production. Biotoolomics offers standard protein A and alkaline-stable protein A immobilized to highly cross-linked agarose base matrix giving high binding capacity and excellent flow properties.

>>> Ion Exchange Media

Cation exchange media is widely used in the purification of Antibodies, either as an initial capture and purification step or following Protein A affinity for further purification. Antibodies typically bind to cation exchange media at neutral pH and are selective eluted using a salt gradient.

Biotoolomics offer a wide range of cost effective cation and anion exchange chromatography media for optimised binding capacity, flow rate or resolution depending on the application.

Advanced Antibody Purification Solutions

Biotoolomics is a world leader in mixed mode and shelled agarose bead chromatography products. Using this expertise we have developed a range of media to support next generation purification processes.

These media reflect the high titres now routinely achieved in antibody production allowing faster and more efficient ‘flow through’ steps resulting in the development of Non-Capture Antibody Purification (NCAP) as the next generation of MAb process. The core chromatography media tailored for NCAP flow-through processes are listed below.

MabPolish™ utilises generally applicable mixed mode ligands with a mild or medium strength hydrophobic elements to selectively bind and remove host cell protein with little or no loss of target Monoclonal antibody.

MabPolish™ DUO has an outer shell of inert polymer and mixed-mode ligands inside. The pore of the agarose shell is carefully and precisely controlled to allow small impurities to penetrate and be adsorbed whilst antibody molecules pass through the column without binding.

SepFast™DUO also has an inert shell of agarose but with an anion exchange or cation exchange inner core. These media can be easily regenerated using standard ion exchange protocols to prolong lifetime.