MabPolish (Type I, Type II)

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MabPolish is special mixed-mode chromatography media having strong binding to a broad range of host cell proteins and other impurities but little binding to antibodies (typically >90% yield). It is designed for process scale production of antibodies that requires regulatory support files.

Application Guide
MabPolishTM Type I Anion mixed-mode resin with very mild hydrophobicity. It can remove high level of HCPs at pH 4 to 5 and salt concentration up to 0.15 M.
MabPolishTM Type II Anion mixed-mode resin with hydrophobicity stronger than Type I. It can remove more hydrophobic species at pH 4 to 5 and salt concentration up to 0.15 M.

MabPolish can be used in flow-through mode to remove impurities from monoclonal antibodies or other antibody materials, at various stages of the whole antibody purification process. Examples of the possible application scenario could be:

The base matrix is made of beaded agarose that has been highly cross-linked. The media is stable in most chemical conditions experienced in the bioprocessing industry.

Characteristics of MabPolish

Matrix Spherical beads of cross-linked agarose
Particle size 50 – 150 m
Functional group Mixed mode ligands involving multi interaction mechanisms
Operational pressure Up to 3 bar
pH stability 2-14 (short term) and 3-12 (long term)
Working temperature +4oC to +30oC
Chemical stability All commonly used buffers
Avoid Oxidizing agents, detergents

Ordering information

Ordering information
Product Quantity Code no. Price GBP
Type I
25 ml 270201-25ML 156.45
  100 ml 270201-100ML POR
1 litre 270201-1L POR
Pre-packed column 5 x 1 ml 270201-5x1ML 149.00
1 x 10 ml 270201-1x10ML 196.35
Type II
25 ml 270202-25ML 156.45
  100 ml 270202-100ML POR
1 litre 270202-1L POR
Pre-packed column 5 x 1 ml 270202-5x1ML 149.00
1 x 10 ml 270202-1x10ML 196.35
MabPolish Selection Kit 6 x 1 ml
(1 ml each of MabPolish Type I, Type II,
MabPolish DUO 150A, 150C, 400A, 400C)
270000-6x1ML 198.45

*Other column size available on request.

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